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Keeper Enterprise

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Create APIKey

Step1. Add the Node

  1. Since APIKey cannot be created on the top node, the account you wish to integrate must be moved to a child node beforehand. Click Admin > Add Node.
  1. Enter a name for the node and click "Add Node".
  2. Edit the user and move them to the node you added.


Step2 Create an API key

  1. Select node you add、and click Provisioning > [+Add Method]
  1. Select SCIM(System for Cross-Domain Identity Management)and click Next.
  1. Click the Generate to create a token, then copy and save the URL and token.

Setup Integration

  1. On the MoneyForward Admina integration screen, search for Keeper Enterprise.
  1. Enter the URL obtained in the previous step as the Base URL and the token as the Access Key, and click on "Integrate".

If the integration with Keeper Enterprise is successful, the registered user information will appear in the account list. 

If the integration does not complete successfully, please go to the Status tab on the Integration screen, edit the information, and try integrating again.

If the problem persists, please contact us via chat.🙏


Tip: Disabling your Keeper account
Keeper Enterprise accounts can be disabled (Disable) from Admina. Disabling an account during the invitation process will result in "delete" behavior; disabling an Active account will result in the account being locked.

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