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How to setup Admina Browser Extension

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Google administrator privileges are required for configuration.

What is the Admina Browser Extension

By installing the Admina by Money Forward Brower Extension, you can retrieve activity from the client to the SaaS.

This makes it possible to detect a wide range of inactive accounts by acquiring the communication history from the browser in addition to the last login history that can be obtained from the linked SaaS itself.



  • Chrome browser management must be enabled in Google Workspace

  Reference:Turn on Chrome Browser management (user policies only)

  • Users must be logged in with Google Chrome browser and synchronization must be turned on.

  Reference:Force users to sign in to Chrome Browser (user policies only)


How to distribute to Browser

Configuration and installation in Google Admin Console

1. log in to Google Admin

2. Go to Devices > Chrome > Apps and Extensions > Users and Browsers.

3. Select the organization to which you want to distribute the extension.

If you want to distribute only to specific departments, select a lower level organization.

4.Click the + button in the lower right corner and click "Add Chrome app or Extension by ID".

5.Select From the Chrome Web Store.

6. log into the Admina by Money Forward and navigate to Settings > Organization

7. Copy the values of the extension ID and enter them into the extension ID of Google Chrome and save them.

8. login to Admina by Money Forward and go to [Settings] > [Organization]. Under Extension Policies, click Generate a new policy.

9. click OK.

10. Click [Copy] in the policy for the created extension.

11. Paste the value of the copied policy into the extension created by Google Admin in the "policy for extensions" section.

12. Select the installation policy as "Force install" or "Force install +Pin".

13.After all settings are complete, click the [Save] button in the upper right corner of the screen

This completes the settings required for distribution.


Confirmation on the device (browser)

Confirm that the Admina by Money Forward Chrome Extension is installed in the Chrome Extensions list.



Remove the added application from Google Admin Console.

Click the Trash button.


A confirmation message will appear and click [Delete]


Confirm that the added application has been removed from the list.

Confirm that the Admina by Money Forward Chrome Extension has also been removed from the list of Chrome extensions.

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