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Device features FAQ

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I registered my device by mistake

Move the cursor to the target device and select "<" to display the delete button.

Batch deletion will be supported in the next release.


I want to collectively modify the registered device information

It is possible to modify individual devices, but batch modification via CSV will be supported in the next release.



Error when importing CSV

Please check the error message first. Next, please check the following input specifications to see if the required items have been entered.

If you still cannot solve the problem, please feel free to contact us.



I accidentally changed the status in the usage history

We plan to support the history deletion function in the next release.



You cannot specify the status "before use" individually

If the "assignment date" that registers the date when the device is assigned to the user is a future date,

It will automatically be registered with the status "before use". Also, when the future date is exceeded,

The status will automatically change to "Used".



The management item "Device Age" cannot be registered.

By registering the "purchase date", it will be automatically calculated from the date of registration.

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