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Request an unsupported SaaS or feature to be added

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Request SaaS

If you cannot find the SaaS you want to integrate with by searching from the integration screen, you can submit a request to us.

There are multiple ways to do this, please choose from (1) or (2).

Submit a request from the Admina by Money Forward
  1. Request from Integration Page

Search for SaaS to be integrated, and if the target SaaS is not displayed, the "Request Service Registration" button will be displayed.

After clicking "Request Service Registration," the Admina by Money Forward Request Submission site will appear as shown below.

Enter the name and URL of the SaaS you wish to integrate. Click Request.

Click to open the sign-up (new registration) page. Register with an account on an external site or by email.

If you already have an account, click Log in to login.

When the request appears, your submission is complete.

  1. Make a request through the Help Center (bottom right)

Click on the orange box in the lower right corner of the Admina by Money Forward.

The gadget will launch, and click Request under "Request a SaaS with which we do not yet have a linkage.

Click the plus (+) button

Enter the name of the SaaS you wish to link, the URL of the SaaS, and click Request to complete the submission.

To receive notifications after the completion of the integration, please see "How to receive notifications (e-mails)" below.



To receive notifications (e-mails)

When the integration and functions are implemented, the status will be changed to "Complete" and you will receive a notification (e-mail) at that time.

Go to the request submission site and click the LOG IN/ SIGN UP button in the upper right corner.

When signing up (new registration), please register using an external service account or email.

If you already have an account, please click Log in to login.

Once sign-up is complete and you are logged in, the integrated SaaS and the feature request will be implemented.

The status will be "Complete" and notification will be sent to your registered e-mail address.

You can also view a list of SaaS and requests that have been implemented so far.

List of SaaS with completed integration

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