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How can I learn more about how to work with cloud services?

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The integration with cloud services can be done in the following three ways
  1. Connections using OAuth
  2. Connecting via API
  3. Connection using ID/Password

Connecting via API

Credentialing with OAuth

This type of integration can be performed simply by pressing the "Integrate" button. When you click the " Integrate" button, you will be redirected to the screen of the service to be integrated.

So, "I authorize you to ________." marked "Allow" will result in a successful linkage.

When integrating, please check the following points and click "Allow".

  • Authorization Scope
  • Admina by Money Forward requires authorization (see logo and service name)

Connect with API key

This type of integration can be done simply by setting up an API key.

Successful integration is achieved by issuing an API key using the method for each service and registering it in the Admina by Money Forward.

Connect with ID/PASS

Services for which API is not available are integrated with ID/PASS.

Connect using employee ID/PASS

The integration is successful when one of your employees (mainly an account with the authority to manage cloud services) registers his/her ID/PASS for login to the Admina by Money Forward. Optionally, two-factor authentication can also be registered.

This service is not available in the following cases

  • When login using other services (Google Login) or single sign-on (SSO) is enforced
  • When it is unacceptable to entrust an employee's account for security reasons

If any of these apply to you, you can link the cloud service by issuing an address for system linkage and logging in.

Currently unsupported integration methods

Integration with the following cloud services is not supported.

  • Using services that force users to log in using single sign-on (SSO)
  • When login using an external ID provider such as Google Login is mandatory
  • If the above pattern and the integration method with the Admina by Money Forward is ID/Password.

However, even if you are using one of the cloud services listed above, you can still connect if any of the following apply

  • Cloud services where SSO is not enabled for administrative privileges, and where you can log in directly with your ID/PASS.
  • A type of cloud service that uses an external ID provider but also allows direct login with ID/PASS

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