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[Integration Error] Authentication error occurs when login using Google Authentication or SSO.

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Limitations (Authentication Errors)

Despite entering the correct ID and password, an authentication error may occur and the linkage may fail.

In this case, please check if any of the following cases applies to you.

Unsupported integration methods

If any of the following cases applies, integration with cloud services will fail.

  • When a login using Single Sign-On (SSO) is enforced with the cloud service.
  • If you are forced to login using an external ID provider such as Google Login

One of the above patterns applies, and

  • For services that use ID/Password to integrate with the IT Management Cloud.


As an example, the service you want to integrate is Figma, which uses AzureAD and single sign-on to

This is the case when login is being implemented, for example.



You may be able to authenticate using one of the following methods.

  • Set a password for the account on the cloud service.
  • (If a password cannot be set for the account), Create an account for system integration and use that account for integration.


The cloud service will issue an account for system integration and use that account for integration.                  

Also, please refer to the following article for currently supported integration methods.

Please tell me more about how to integrate with cloud services.

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