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Manage SaaS invoices and receipts

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Payment invoices and receipts related to SaaS can now be stored and referenced in the IT management cloud.

This eliminates the need to search for SaaS payment information, reducing the burden on administrators.

All you have to do is forward the invoice/receipt e-mail to the e-mail address as follows.


Transfer invoices/receipts to IT Management Cloud

Forward SaaS invoice and receipt emails to the email address shown in Settings > E-mail Fwd

The forwarding email address differs for each customer (tenant).


If you have set up forwarding of the invoice email to the above email address, it will be automatically forwarded. Please refer to the manual of each mail system for the method.
Reference: Automatically forward Gmail emails to other accounts

Check invoices/receipts in the IT Management Cloud

You need "Admin" roles in the IT Management Cloud to check.

Open Sepends > Receipts & Invoices tab.

Edit/delete service name

E-mail titles and SaaS DB are automatically matched and associated with SaaS names.

By clicking the "Edit" button, it is possible to manually link with SaaS.

Click the "Delete" button to delete the record from the list.


Check payment details

You can check the text and attachments of the forwarded email by clicking the corresponding record.

You can also download the text and attached files, and edit and delete records.


If your e-mail does not appear

Please check if one of the following cases applies

1) The forwarded email did not match the SaaS of IT Management Cloud.

Click on the "Show Mismatched Data" button and see if the corresponding email appears in the list.

Please click on the "Edit" button to check if your email matches the SaaS. Click the "Edit" button to manually link the forwarded email to the SaaS.


2. Cases where the forwarded email was not determined to be an invoice/receipt email

We use our own algorithm to determine if an email is a SaaS invoice/receipt email.

If the email is determined to be not applicable, it will not appear in the list.

Please contact us via chat so that we can confirm the cause.

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