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Check the payment status of SaaS

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Check the payment status of SaaS

On the "Payment" screen, you can check the list of data obtained from the linked accounting services.

You can also manually link SaaS payment data or unlink data that was incorrectly linked.

Change the service name of payment data

The payment data of the linked accounting system is matched with the SaaS database of the Admina by Money Forward, and it is automatically linked with SaaS.

It is possible to manually change the service name of data that was not linked or data that was incorrectly linked.

Change procedure

1. Click the operation button on the right side of the screen

2. The payment data service name edit screen is displayed.

3. Select the service name you want to associate and click the " Apply " button.

If you want to cancel the association with the service, select " -(not applicable) ".

4. Confirm that the service has been changed to the selected service.

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