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Account Provisioning (register a new SaaS account)

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Account Provisioning

New accounts can now be registered and added to cloud services from Admina by Money Forward.

  • Currently, one account can be issued for one service.
  • Supported services will be expanded sequentially. Please refer to the list of SaaS that can be linked for the currently supported services. (Provisioning) icon indicates the SaaS to be linked.


New Registration


Before registering a new SaaS, check the Integration status of the target SaaS from the Integration > Status tab.

Some SaaS require re-association to add privileges. If the Integration status is an error, you will not be able to issue an account. Please refer to [Troubleshooting/Re-integration Procedures] "Failure to Integrate with Cloud Service" and re-integrate the SaaS, then make sure the integration status is correct before executing again.

Register or add a new service from the service

This is the procedure for issuing an account for one person for a SaaS.

Select the service you wish to add from the Admina by Money Forward service menu, select the arrow button on the far right, and then click the "Add Account" button.

The "Add Account" button will only appear for services that support this feature.


Select the workspace you wish to add. If you are registering additions to an existing account, please select employees from "Select Employee Account". If you are registering a new account, select nothing but workspaces.

Fill in the required fields for new account registration and click the "Add Service" button.

After successful registration, the following screen will appear.

If it fails, the cause will be displayed.


Additional registration to an existing account

This is the procedure for issuing an additional SaaS account to an existing account.

Select the account you wish to add from the Account menu and click on "Add Service" from the right arrow.

Select the cloud service you wish to issue.

Select the workspace to be added. The procedure that follows is the same as that described in "Adding a new workspace from a service" above.


SaaS service screen Please check if the account you issued is registered.

In the Admina by Money Forward, go to Integration > Integration Log and check the log under Other Filters > "Creat".

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