List of supported SaaS

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List of supported SaaS

Each SaaS corresponding to each function of the Admina by Money Forward is as follows.

In the future, we will update it as the number of functions and supported SaaS increases.

In addition, some items are blank because they are under investigation, but we will update them as soon as they are confirmed.

If you are in a hurry, please contact us from the chat box.

* For a list of SaaS that can be linked, see also the SaaS Integration Guide .

  • Service name : List of cloud services that can be linked
  • Integration plan : A cloud service plan with a proven track record of collaboration
  • Integration mode : This is a method of linking with a cloud service. See this article for details.
  • Acquired data : Data that can be acquired in the Admina by Money Forward after linkage.
  • Remarks : Other notes are described.

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