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External Shared Content Management Functions

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Function Overview

We have released a feature to retrieve the publication status of files stored in external storage. By obtaining information about externally shared files (file name and link) and sending alert notifications, it contributes to improving the unintentional external publication status of files.

Target SaaS

By integrating with the following SaaS and Admina, you can obtain the publication status of shared files. Please refer to the respective links for integration steps.

Sharing Stop

You can check the status of the obtained shared files and stop sharing. Click the [Share] button from the right-side menu.

Select the user/group/link whose sharing you want to stop, and click [Apply].


In line with data storage and reference cost optimization, the following limits are placed on the number of files retrieved.

  • Customers in Admina trial
    • Up to 1,000 files per workspace
  • Customers using Admina
    • Up to 50,000 files per workspace
Removing the cause of the alert (file disappearing from the public list) will result in it being detected again and retrieved up to the maximum number of publicly available files during the next synchronization. In addition to suspending sharing, you can exclude files by adding them to the safe list.



Please explain the public status of each file.

  • External Publication

Files shared with addresses other than those registered as domains are determined as "externally shared." This applies only to Box, OneDrive, and Google Drive.


  • Publicly Available

We notify as "publicly available" files in the following two states:

  1. Files shared online with "Anyone with the link" or similar settings, which can be viewed by anyone when the link is clicked.
  2. Files (limited to Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, etc.) that have been "Published to the web."

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[Safelist] Exclude detected files