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Alert Mute

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This feature allows you to mute alert notifications for retired accounts.

This feature allows you to exclude cloud service accounts from alert notifications, such as those on leave or other accounts that need to be left in place.

Checking Alerts

Select Services > Cloud Services with Alerts and click Notification.


Perform Mute

Service Mute

You can mute a service and its notification targets if you wish to mute the alert notification itself.

For example, if there is a service that you have not deleted the account for operational reasons, you can mute the service and not be notified of the retirement alerts themselves.

  1. Select the service, go to the Notifications tab, select the type of notification you wish to mute, and click Suspend.
  1. A confirmation screen will appear. Click "Stop. If necessary, you can leave a note.
  1. The status will change to "Notification Suspended" and you will no longer receive alerts. To resume, click the "Resume" button.
Account Mute
  1. Mouse over the < button on the far right of the retiree account you wish to mute and it will slide to the left. Delete or Mute button will appear.
  1. Click Mute

Click on Delete to delete or deactivate the account.

Delete/deactivate your account in the Admina by Money Forward

  1. The mute confirmation screen will appear.

Mute Confirmation

  • Selected notifications only: Mutes only the selected SaaS alerts.
  • All notifications tied to the selected account: Mutes all SaaS alerts associated with the selected account.

Unmute Date

  Set the date to unmute. It can be indefinite.

If you select a specified date, set any date for the end date.

  1. Click Mute to mute the alert.


Muted accounts will be displayed as On mute.

You can unmute an account at any time.

Clicking on the mute button displays a confirmation screen for unmuting.

As with the mute setting, select from the following two types of settings.

  • Only selected notifications: Unmutes only the selected SaaS alerts.
  • All notifications related to selected accounts: Unmutes all SaaS alerts associated with the selected account.


Click Unmute to unmute.

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