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Shadow IT Detection

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Detection using Google Workspace

By linking with Google Workspace, you can detect cloud services!

After 5-30 minutes of cooperation, you can check it from the "Integration"-> "Recommendations from Discovery" column.

The cloud service is detected from the history of Google Login using the organization account.

  1. Those that are not registered in the Admina by Money Forward will be displayed in the recommendations from Discovery .
  2. All logs (* 1) including logs of services not supported by the Admina by Money Forward can be obtained by clicking the download button on the upper right.
* 1) Aggregate based on the data of the last 3 months at the maximum. For the application name, the value displayed on the Admin screen of Google Workspace is displayed as it is. See this article for detailed specifications

Detected service

Download detection results


Exporting CSV Files

Each item of data exported to a CSV file is as follows

  • Service Name : Shows the app name recorded on the Google side.
  • Number of Active Users :This is the total number of unique users (email addresses) since we started detection.
  • Last Accessed At (UTC) :This shows the access time of the most recent user.
  • Most Recent Employees :Displays up to 10 email addresses of the most recently accessed person.
  •  Data Source: detection method


If not detected

The permissions of the linked Google Workspace user may be insufficient.

  • View audit reports for Gsuite domains
  • View Gsuite domain usage reports

Please check if the above item itself is displayed or if it is checked.

If you don't have view permissions, you can either add the permissions to your custom admin role or

Perform employee master linkage again with an account with privileged administrator privileges.

Employee master cooperation

To reset the employee master, click the edit button on the status tab of the integration screen.

You can check the authority.

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