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Error with Google OAuth integration.

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an error occures when lntegrate to Google related services.

**Error 400: admin_policy_enforced**

Access to your account data is restricted by policies within your organization.
Please contact your XXX administrator of your organization for more information.

Possible Causes

Block all third-party API access is turned on.

If "Block all third-party API access" is checked in Security > Access and API controls>API Control in the Google Workspace administration, integration may fail.

API to Google Workspace Management Console is restricted.

Google Workspace Administration Security > Access and API controls>API Control > Manage GOOGLE Services

If the access policy for the Google Workspace Management Console in the Google Workspace Admin is set to Restricted, the integration may fail.

Admina by Money Forward is named and blocked.

In Google Workspace administration, go to Security >Access and API controls >API Control > Manage Third Party App Access and search for the following applications and if their access status is Blocked or Limited, the integration may fail The following is a list of the most common problems.

App ID :
App Name : Money Forward ITMC



Although this can be resolved by setting Block to Allow for each of the causes listed above, I believe this may be a case where you would like to specifically allow only the Admina by Money Forward, depending on your organization's policies.

However, depending on your organization's policy, you may want to allow only the Admina by Money Forward.

  • Addapp > Select OAuth app name or client ID
  • Enter the following in the Client ID field and click the Search button. If Admina by Money Forward is found, select it.

Client ID

  • Select the same client ID
  • Select "Trusted:Can access all Google services" for app permissions, then run CONFIGURE.


You are now set to allow Google integration in MoneyForward IT Management Cloud.

Please go back to Admina by Money Forward and execute the Google integration again.

Integration Procedure:

Google Workspace (G Suite)

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