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About alert types

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About alerts

This section describes the types and contents of alerts notified by Admina.

Alerts posted to the service

The following 5 types of alerts are notified to the service

  • Retired account: Notify user type "Retired".
  • Leave of Absence Account: Notifies the user type "leave of absence".
  • Inactive Accounts: Notify accounts that have been last used for 45 days or more.
  • Unknown Accounts: Notify accounts with user type "Unknown".
  • Public files (only for some SaaS such as GoogleDrive and OneDrive): Notifies you about public files.
See User Type Judgment Conditions: Quick Reference Table for the judgment conditions for each user type.

Alert notifications in Slack

Some notifications can be sent to Slack channels.

See Slack for alerts for more information.

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