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What is Last Activity

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What is Last Activity?

It shows how much time has passed since the last access (login) to the SaaS.

Please use it as a guideline for the usage frequency of the SaaS.

Confirmation method

You can check it from the Account menu and Services > Account .

Acquisition method

Below are three ways to acquire the pattern.

  1. Get directly with API
    By linking with SaaS, the last usage date is calculated from the login date and time held by the relevant SaaS.
    For compatible SaaS, please check Acquisition data > Last Activity in the compatible SaaS list .
  2. Obtained from Google login history For some SaaS that cannot be obtained with the API in (1), the date of last use is calculated from the login history using Google authentication.
    Values are not accurately reflected in situations where no login operation has been performed for a long period of time since the last login. Please use the following Chrome extensions.
  3. Get with Chrome Extension
    By installing the Admina by Money Forward extension on the Chrome browser, the last usage date is obtained from the SaaS access history. Please refer to Distributing Chrome extension to get SaaS activity for how to use.

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