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Manage former employee accounts (Employee offboarding)

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Alert detection & Slack notification functionality was released on 11/05/2021.

Changelog | Admina by Money Forward

This feature will provide you with a way to organize your accounts smoothly on a regular basis.

Smooth account management suggestions

The Way It's Done Until Now

Let's take the retiree account as an example.

  1. Have retiree information linked
  2. After the retirement date, go into the cloud service and see if there are any left.( You don't know which cloud service you have an account with )
  3. Delete them if they remain.
  4. Repeat for cloud services to be managed 🔃.

This was the process. 

How to use the Admina by Money Forward
  1. Receive notification of retiree accounts remaining in cloud services
  2. Go into the cloud service only as much as you need*1 and delete it.

This is the step to take!

*1) For cloud services that support the account deletion function, the account can be deleted directly from the Admina by Money Forward. Please see (Beta) Deleting/Suspending Accounts in the Admina by Money Forward for detailed instructions.

operation procedures

  1. Slack Notification Settings.
  2. The content of notifications received can be viewed immediately via a link in the message.
  3. The web screen now contains a link to the Cloud Service. Navigate to the Cloud Service and delete the account indicated. Or, if the service supports the account deletion function, you can delete the account directly from the IT Management Cloud.
  4. After everything is addressed, press Sync and the alert will be resolved with the latest information!

To delete directly from the Admina by Money Forward (*only supported cloud services)

Alert screen (with alerts)


Alert screen(All alerts have been resolved)

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Do you have a retired account left?

Note on possible data loss when deleting a cloud service account