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About the event that the user deleted by Atlassian remains as retired

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I deleted a user on the Atlassian side, but the Admina by Money Forward still determines that it is a retired user.


It is a mechanism to be judged as retired.

  1. For users with company addresses who have signed up for Trello.
  2. Even if you are actually retired and deprived of Atlassian's access and Trello's access, in many cases the information will remain on your personal board. As a result, if both the user and the board remain, it is determined that the user remains on the Admina by Money Forward side as well.
  3. As a matter of fact, there are still boards and Trello IDs that are not subject to organizational management, but in reality no one can use them. However, it remains as an account.


  1. Access the Atlassian admin screen
  2. Go to Managed Accounts> Directory

  1. Search for retired users and disable or delete them.

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