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Do you have a retired account left?

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This page checks if the retired account remains in the cloud service.


Employee master cooperation

Must have been done.

Use the retiree filter

Check for each account

Select an account in the side menu and select TYPE = Retired Only in Filter.

Accounts that are flagged as retired will be narrowed down, so if even one remains in the Services column, it may be omitted.

Check for each service

Is there a retired account left in a certain service? To check, select the service in the side menu, select the service you want to check, and then select the Account tab.

If you filter with TYPE = retired, it will be narrowed down to accounts with the retired flag set, so if there is even one user left, there is a possibility of omission of deletion.

If it should have been erased but remains

Those who are on leave may also be flagged for retirement. Also, depending on the service, the account may remain because it cannot be deleted and is disabled. However, in our processing, even in that case, it is judged as deleted, so if you feel uncomfortable, it would be helpful if you could contact us from support.

Next Step

The rest is repeated collaborative work. Invite a cloud service administrator to work with you. You can invite other users by following the steps below!

User invitation

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