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How to setup SCIM (Okta Integration Network)

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How to setup SCIM (Okta Integration Network)

This is the procedure for setting up SCIM for Okta Integration Network (OIN) users.

To set up SCIM for other services, please refer to SCIM Setup Instructions.              



  • Create new user: When a user is created in Okta, the user is also created in the Admina by Money Forward.
  • Update user profiles: User information updated in Okta is reflected in the Admina by Money Forward.
  • Disable (reactivate) and delete users: When a user is disabled, reactivated, or deleted in Okta, the result is also reflected in the Admina by Money Forward.



Provisioning of SCIM using OIN requires the IT Management Cloud to be added in OIN beforehand. Please note that this service is not available for manually added applications.


Configuration Steps

Getting SCIM certification for organizations in Admina by Money Forward

Go to the Organization Settings screen at Settings > SAML/SCIM. If you do not have a secret token yet, press the Generate button. Since there is only one SCIM secret token per organization, if you generate a new token, the previously generated one will expire.

Setup in Okta

1. From Applications, select the application you added with OIN and click on the Provisioning tab.

Click Configure API Integration.

2.Check the Enable API integration checkbox and enter the Base URL and API Token.

  • Base URL : Enter Tenant URL obtained from Admina by Money Forward
  • API Token : Enter Secret Token obtained from Admina by Money Forward

3.Click Test API Configuration and verify that Admina by Money Forward was verified successfully!

4.Verify that the application is added.


5. That's all done 🎉

When a user is assigned to an application, it is automatically provisioned in the IT management cloud.


Known Issues / Troubleshooting
IT Management Cloud does not yet support provisioning or import from Apps to Okta, so please leave the "To Okta" setting at default (disabled).

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How to setup SCIM

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