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Admina Browser Extention for Microsoft Edge

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This page describes how to install and configure the Microsoft Edge version of the Admina extension.

For more information on what this extension can do and detailed specifications, please see "How to setup Admina Browser Extension".


Preparation and Setup

Admina Policy Settings

Distributing Policies in the Registry
  1. In advance, go to Admina Settings > Organization > Chrome Extensions, copy and save the extension's policy values.
  2. Distribute the following registry to each terminal via logon scripts, etc.。
    Sample registry file (can be edited for your use)
    1. [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Edge\3rdparty\extensions\flggmhlpipcopffjfkpgkoljghfkmfcg\policy]
      "ApiKey"="xxxxxxx(Enter the value of the ApiKey for the Admina extension policy)"
      "CreatedDate"="xxxxxxx(Enter the CreatedDate value of the Admina extension policy)"
      "OrganizationID"="xxxxxxx(Enter the OrganizationID value of the Admina extension policy)"
      To check each value of the Admina Extensions policy, open the policy saved in ① above.
  3. Apply the registry by rebooting the terminal, for example.

Email address settings

The email address to identify who has access to the system cannot be set in the group policy.

Please set it manually in the following way/

  1. Access the Admina options page at the following URL.
    1. extension://flggmhlpipcopffjfkpgkoljghfkmfcg/options.html
  2. Enter your email address in the Email address field and click the [Update] button.

Configuring Policy Templates for Microsoft Edge Extensions

Configure the policy template on the server for group policy distribution, such as Active Directory; see Downloading and Installing Microsoft Edge Administrative Templates to configure the policy template.

The following procedure is an example of setting up a local computer policy. Please set the template in an appropriate location such as Active Directory according to your environment.
  1. Download Edge Policy Templates
    1. Go to the Microsoft Edge Enterprise landing page to download the Microsoft Edge policy template file and expand its contents.
  2. Open the downloaded ADM or ADMX template
    1. Click [Start] > [Run] and run [gpedit.msc] (or run [gpedit.msc] on your device).
    2. Navigate to[Local Computer Policy] > [Computer Configuration] > [Administrative Templates].
    3. Right-click [Administrative Templates] and click [Add or Remove Templates].
    4. Add the msedge.adm template in the dialog.
    5. Once the template is added, you will see the Google > Google Chrome folder under Administrative Templates; if you added the ADM template to Windows 7 or Windows 10, it will appear under Traditional Administrative Templates (ADM) > [ Microsoft Edge ]. Microsoft Edge] under the [Google] > [Google Chrome] folder.

Installing Extensions

Configure the downloaded template to install extensions.

  1. [Traditional Administrative Templates (ADM)] > [Microsoft Edge] > [Extensions] > [Control Silent Installed Extensions] change the setting to [Enabled], enter the following values and click OK
  2. Successful installation will install the Edge extension; go to edge://extensions and verify that the Admina extension has been added.

Operation check

Please refer to [How to setup Admina Browser Extension] to check for activity.

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