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This is an explanation of how to cancel Admina by Money Forward.

All acquired data will be deleted when you cancel. Please be aware of this.

The following information will be deleted.

・Customer organization information
・Integration with "Admina by Money Forward"
・Credential information registered at the time of integration
・Information obtained through integration
・Employee master information                                                         

Cancellation will not affect the service to which it is integrated.

The following information in the integrated services will not be deleted. The following information in the integrated services will not be deleted, and must be deleted by the customer on each service.

Connection authentication for "Admina by Money Forward" (for OAuth integration)                                      API key issued for "Admina by Money Forward" (in case of API integration)

We will provide you with a list of your current integrations in the email we will send you after your cancellation.

After cancellation, you will be able to work with this information.


Cancellation Implementation

Log in to Admina by Money Forward and go to Settings > Billing.

Click on Unsubscribe.

Click Proceed with cancellation

Click Cancel the contract to complete the cancellation.

Flow after cancellation

  1. Log out all users in your organization.
  2. A cancellation email will be sent to all administrator users in your organization.
  3. We will begin deleting your information.

  • Authentication to "Admina by Money Forward" of the linked service must be deleted by the customer's operation.
  • API keys issued for "Admina by Money Forward" must be deleted by the customer.

Thank you for using our service.

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