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Custom Apps(Manual Integration)

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Custom Apps(Manual Integration)

This is a way to manually register SaaS and accounts in the Admina by Money Forward.

This feature enables the following actions

  • Manually register SaaS that are already integrated with the Admina by Money Forward (e.g., when the SaaS plan is not supported and automatic integration is not possible).
  • Manually registering SaaS that are not integrated with the Admina by Money Forward, as well as in-house and on-premise systems.


How to register SaaS manually

Manually register SaaS that can be supported by the Admina by Money Forward.

Even though SaaS can be integrated with Admina by Money Forward, there are cases where automatic integration is not possible depending on the SaaS subscription plan. As an example, we will explain the manual registration of Adobe CC.

Customers with plans other than the Enterprise plan can centralize their accounts by manually registering Adobe CC.

  1. Search Adobe CC、and click [If you need to manage the service manually]

  1. Enter any name for the Workspace Name and click [Create]. (By default, the organization name from the Admina by Money Forward environment creation is entered.)
  1. The service will be registered in the service list with the name of the workspace created by Adobe CC.
Manually Integration non-compliant SaaS and in-house systems

This section describes the procedure for managing SaaS and system accounts that do not exist in the Integration List, such as systems running in-house.

  1. From Integration, click the "Register and manage services without integration" button. (You can search for a service by entering an appropriate string in the service name to make the button easier to display.)
  1. When you enter a service name or URL, you can select a service name if the service is registered in the Admina by Money Forward database. If you do not have a service name, such as an in-house operated service, select "Name arbitrarily" and enter the name. Enter a workspace name and click the [Create] button.
If you select a service name that is automatically displayed here, you will be able to match it with the SaaS displayed in the Cost Visualization function and the SaaS Event Log. If you choose "Any Name," you will not be able to use those functions or match the SaaS.
  1. Confirm that the registered service is displayed; if you want to change the URL or service name, you can do so by clicking the "Edit" button in the upper right corner.

Add account information to your registered services

Add or edit information about your account to the services you have added.


Manually register account
  1. Click on the right-most arrow portion of the added service and click the "Edit" button.
  1. The Edit Custom Workspace screen will appear, and you can add or edit the items displayed.

Editable metadata

  • Name:You can select an already registered employee master or enter any value.
  • Mail Address:If the user selected in Name has an e-mail address, it will be entered automatically. Arbitrary values can also be entered.
  • License:Any license name and total quantity can be set and assigned to that user.
    • example)A Basic license and a Pro license are created and a Pro license is assigned to a user. The number of used licenses is increased by 1 and the number of unused licenses is decreased by 1.
  • Role:You can choose from Admin, Guest, or Other.
  • 2FA: You can set whether 2FA login is implemented, enabled or disabled.

After entering all the information, click the "Apply" button to start the account registration process.


Bulk account registration

Batch registration of registered system accounts.

  1. Click the right-most arrow for the added service and click "Account Import.
  1. The Import Account screen will appear. Download the template file (.csv) from the "Download template file"
  1. Fill in the form according to the format of the downloaded template and save it in UTF-8 format. (Line 7 is an example, please delete it.)
  1. After saving, drop the file and it will automatically go through the registration process.Check the "Delete Missing Accounts" checkbox and upload to delete accounts that do not exist in the CSV file.
  2. Confirm that your account has been registered.

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