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Manage SaaS contract dates

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Contract management

Manage your SaaS payment and contract cycles from within Admina.

This will prevent you from forgetting to renew your contract or miss the timing of cost reduction. (In the future, we plan to implement a notification function)


Select the SaaS for which you want to manage contracts from Services, and click [Create a New Contract] from the Contracts tab.


On the new contract registration screen, enter the following:

  • Name : Enter any name for the contract.
  • Workspace : Contract details can be managed on a per-workspace basis. If the contract details are the same for all workspaces, select "All workspaces".
  • Contract Date : Select the SaaS contract date.
  • Repeat Period : Select the period to repeat in one of the following units: The next scheduled contract date is automatically set.
    • months
    • weeks
    • days

After entering all the above information, click the [Create] to register the contract details.

If you want to change it, click the registered contract.

To delete, select [Delete] from the button on the right.


By setting a recurring period in the contract date settings, a notification can be sent to the Slack channel before the next contract renewal.

  1. Set contract date and recurring period
    Set the SaaS subscription date and recurring period as described previously. Click the "Add Reminder"
  2. Set the Reminder
    1. Add remind date
      Select how many days before the next contract renewal date you would like to be notified.
    2. Select Slack channel
      1. Click [Add to Slack]
      2. Select Slack workspace to add and、click [Allow]
      3. Select the channel(s) to which notifications will be sent. Multiple selections are possible.
  3. If successful, a reminder notification will be sent on the deadline you set.

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