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Google Cloud Platform

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Enable Cloud Resource Manager API
  1. After logging into Google Cloud Platform, navigate to the project you wish to integrate.
  2. APIs & Services > Enabled APIs & Services and click Enable APIs and Services

  1. Cloud Resource Manager API in search menu and click Enable.                



Create an Service Account
  1. APIs & Services > Credentials and click [CREATE CREDENTIALS] >[Service account]

  1. Enter Service Account Name and click [CREATE AND CONTINUE]
  1. Select Security Reviewer role and click Continue > Done.

Create Credential
  1. Select Service Account and go to [KEYS] > ADD KEY and Create new key.
  1. Select JSON and click CREATE
  2. A JSON file will be downloaded and saved. Open the file with a text editor and check the contents. Preparation is now complete.


Integration Setup

  1. Search Google Cloud Platform in Admina by Money Forward.
  2. 前の手順でダウンロードしたJSONファイルから、以下の値をそれぞれ入力し、連携するをクリックします
  • Workspace key:Enter theproject_id
  • Service Account Email:Enter theclient_email
  • Private key:Enter theprivate_key
    Enter -----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY----- through -----END PRIVATE KEY-----. (Leading " and trailing \n", are not necessary.)   


If you see an error, please refer to the help below.
"This app has not been confirmed by Google" error is displayed

If the Integration is successful, the registered user information will be displayed in the account list.

If it does not complete normally, edit it from the status tab of the integration screen and try the integration again.

If you can't solve it, please contact us via chat 🙏

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