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New Admina Role

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This section describes the privileges (roles) that can be set for MoneyForward Admina administrative users.


How to set up

  1. You can set this up when inviting new users from the Settings > Users or by editing the role of an existing user. See Inviting other users to MoneyForward Admina for instructions on how to invite new users.


  1. Select Basic Roles and Advanced Roles and click the Apply button. Multiple roles can be set. (Up to 10 roles per user)

About Types of Rolls

Basic Roles

Basic roles that can be set up in Admina include the following types: Admin, Member, or Essential roles must be set up.

Role Name



Has permissions to all screens and operations. It cannot be used in combination with other privileges.

  • Even if SAML is configured, the login process will be handled as normal for Admins. (To prevent login disablement)


You have access to all items except the "Settings" menu and the "Expenses" menu.

  • SaaS integration can be implemented.
  • SaaS accounts cannot be added, deleted or disabled from Admina.
  • Expenditures cannot be verified.
  • I cannot see the "File tab" of the external storage linkage function.
  • I cannot edit the license in a custom app.


Integration is the only possible authorization.

  • Data, including account information related to linked services, will not be displayed. If you need to display or manage data, please grant Service Manager privileges as described below.

Device Manager

Grant administrative privileges for all operations related to the [Device] menu. To set this up, you will need to grant Member privileges.


Detail Roles

Service Manager

Manage account activity, provisioning, de-provisioning, and spending for selected services.

Select the service you wish to manage and set the Role Name and Notes (optional).

To manage custom services (manually registered apps), check the Custom Service checkbox.

Please create and apply separate roles for auto-registered services and custom services, as they cannot be registered in the same role.
Device Viewer

Device data for approved device types can be displayed. Importing and editing are not available.

Set the device type, role name, and memo (optional) to be displayed.

Applying Saved Detail Roles

The detail roles you set are saved as templates in the saved detail roles and can be set for different members. They can be deleted or edited from the far right drawer.

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