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How to integrate the standard version

Integration Setup

γ€€On the Integration page of the IT Management Cloud, search for Miro and click on "Integrate" without entering any information.γ€€

Client ID and Client Secret are required for the Enterprise Edition integration described below.
If you are using the normal version, do not enter any information and click " Integrate". γ€€γ€€γ€€γ€€γ€€γ€€


You will be taken to the Miro login screen. Enter your Miro login e-mail address and password to log in.

The following application authorization screen will appear, so select the team you wish to link and click "install & authorize".

That's all for the standard version.


How to integrate the Enterprise version

How to get Client ID and Client Secret
  1. Create an OAuth App according to the following URL.


  1. Add the following redirect URI


  1. Β For Permissions, select organizations:read.
  2. Β Copy and save the Copy Client ID and Client secret from App Credentials.

Integration Setup

On the Integration screen of the IT Management Cloud, search for Miro.

Copy Client ID to Client ID and Client secret to Client secret, and click "Integrate".


If the link ith Miro is successful, the registered user information will be displayed in the account list.

If it does not complete normally, edit it from the status tab of the integration screen and try the linkage again.

If you can't solve it, please contact us via chat πŸ™

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