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What is Zoom integration?

ement platform provided by Money Forward i Co. With the growing use of SaaS tools in the enterprise, it enables IT professionals to discover, optimize, and manage their company's SaaS usage and costs to better leverage their software assets.

The integration between ITMC and Zoom allows users to view and manage access and license usage within the ITMC dashboard; ITMC analyzes access, utilization, and license usage to help determine the best Zoom plan for the user.

ITMC provides the following features to help companies ensure governance, reduce costs, improve security levels, and reduce the work involved in SaaS management

  • SaaS Discovery
  • Centralized SaaS management and database
  • SaaS and employee lifecycle management
  • More than 100 integrations

The IT Management Cloud makes it very easy for users to integrate ITMC and Zoom, as account management is automated and Zoom OAuth is required to use the API.

ITMC applications routinely call the API to retrieve account and role data. The data retrieved is only disclosed to the data owner and company members. It is not disclosed to other companies.

Translated with (free version)

Uninstallation is completed on the Zoom side and on the IT Management Cloud side. Please see below for instructions on how to do this.
Owner authority is required for the Integration. If you do not have the permission, please change the permission in the following image by a user who has the owner permission.
Admin >User Management> Roles > Members > User and Permission Management
Users: "View" and "Edit"
ulk delete, unlink, and deactivate:"Edit"
Role Management : "View" and "Edit"
Scope : "Entire account"

Integration setup

Search with Zoom on the integration screen of the Admina by Money Forward.

You will be redirected to the Zoom Login page. Enter your login method or Zoom login email address and password to log in.

An authorization confirmation will be displayed (*1), confirm the contents and click "Authorise".

If the link is successful, the registered user information will be displayed in the account list.

If it does not complete normally, edit it from the status tab of the integration screen and try the linkage again.

If you can't solve it, please contact us via chat 🙏


How to Uninstall Zoom/Disconnect

Uninstallation is completed on the Zoom side and on the IT Management Cloud side.

  1. Select Zoom from the linkage screen and click the Delete button.
  2. Go to the Installed Apps page in Zoom, find Money Forward IT Management Cloud, and click Uninstall.

App Scopes

The following Scope is used in this integration.

  • View all user roles/role:read:admin

  This scope is used to display the role names the user has.

  • View all user information/user:read and write:admin

  This scope is used to display ,delete and deactivate the user's name and email address.

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