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Integration Log Function

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Logs in cloud services and Admina by Money Forward can now be viewed.

In addition to linkage (synchronization), logs of account deletion and deactivation operations are also included.


Main Specifications

  • Data is available after February 25, 2022.
  • The retention period is 1 year.
  • The log of unlinkage is not included at this time.
  • This log will be saved even after the linkage is canceled.


Procedure for checking logs

From the Integration menu, select Integration Log.

Display Items

  • Date and time: The date and time at the time of operation are displayed. Start and end periods can be specified.
  • Service / Workspace: Displays the name of the cloud service and workspace to be operated.
  • Executor: Displays the email address of the user who performed the operation.
  • Operation: Displays the contents of each operation: Synchronize, Delete, and Disable. Filtering can be performed for each operation.
  • Target: The target workspace name is displayed for synchronization ( integration), and the target email address is displayed for account deletion and deactivation.
  • System Messages: Errors and other messages are displayed.
  • Result: Success and, failure are displayed. Filtering is also possible. 

Other filters
  • Executor: Filter by the person (email address) who performed the operation.
  • Operation: Allows filtering if only the results of each synchronization, deletion, or deactivation are to be displayed.
  • Show system operations: Check this box if you want to view the history of operations performed by the system, such as automatic synchronization at night.

CSV export

By pressing the Export button, the displayed results can be exported to a CSV file.

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