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Slack Notification Settings

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You can send various notifications to Slack; by sending them to Slack, all work can be started from Slack. This can reduce the frequency of regular visits to the web screen.

⚠️ You must have Admin rights to the IT Management Cloud to perform this task.


1.Go to the settings page.

Go to the Settings > Notification page.

Select the frequency of notification and the content to be sent.

Monthly and weekly notifications are sent at 10:00 AM JST. For daily, you can specify the time of day. (* We are planning to develop more flexible transmission settings in the future.)

Click the Add to Slack button.

2. Go to the integration screen on the Slack side and allow it.

Go to the Slack screen and you will be asked to confirm that access is allowed. Confirm that this is the Workspace you wish to collaborate with, and click Allow to allow the integration.

3. Select the channel to be notified

Search for and enter the channel you wish to be notified about.

When finished, press Select to complete the process.

If you wish to notify a Private Channel, you will need to invite the bot in advance.

4. Notification settings are saved

The frequency of transmission, the content to be sent, and the destination channel are saved. You will now be notified when the time is up.

The bot will appear on the channel to be notified.

Content of Notification

In addition to the existing retiree detection, information on integration has been added.

You will receive a report in Slack. The thread will report the alert status for each service.


  • Notification of the number of retiree accounts per service.


  • Normal integration: The service is being integrated normally.
  • Integration Error: The service is experiencing an integration error.
  • Shadow IT detection: The total number of services detected by the shadow IT detection function that can be integrated with the IT Management Cloud.


Invitation to PrivateChannel

If you wish to notify a Private Channel, you must invite the bot in advance.

From the channel you wish to invite, click the button in the upper right corner (the icon in the member list).

Select Integrations > Add apps and addAdmina by Money Forward.

Private channels will now appear as a choice of channels to be notified.

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