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Use cost management β

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How to use

Regarding the cost management β function, we will explain the purpose of use, each precondition, and how to use it.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the support desk (chat).

Customers who want to visualize SaaS payment costs


・ Those who use freee accounting

・ Those who are using Money Forward Cloud Expenses

* At the moment, we only provide the cost management function in cooperation with the above two cloud services.

Cooperation with other services is under development.

Visualization method

Please re-link from the integration> status page.

"Insights" and "spendig" have been added to the items on the left side of the Admina by Money Forward.

Display the payment information of the linked accounting / expenses.

Please check the following for the contents of the displayed payment information.

Analyze the cost situation (insight)

Check the payment status of SaaS

Customers who want to detect SaaS activity and visualize unused IDs and licenses


・ Customers using Google Workspace

Detection target

・ Access history of Google Chrome used in-house

Visualization procedure (in preparation)

Collect extensions from Google Workspace to specific organizations and users to Google Chrome.

We are preparing the distribution method, so we will publish it as soon as it is ready.

· Distribute Chrome extensions to get SaaS activity (in preparation)

Analyze the cost situation (insight)

* At this time, it is a condition that it is Google Workspace and it is an extension of Chrome.

We are gradually developing activity detection methods for customers using Microsoft 365 and other than Chrome.

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