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Integration suspended services

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The following services have been suspended due to circumstances.

Please be patient as we will inform you in the release notes when it resumes.

Services that are not Integration
  • Canva

Linkage fails even though you have entered the correct credentials

→ Checking

  • Twilio

Linkage fails even though you have entered the correct credentials

→ The specifications have changed from the past, and a user who can log in to the Admin Center is required.

If you cannot log in, cooperation will not be supported.

A service that can be linked but fails to resynchronize the next day or later
  • Amazon Business

It is displayed that maintenance is in progress.

→ In the environment where email authentication is performed, it is necessary to approve within 5 minutes.

The specification has been changed so that automatic synchronization at night is stopped and only manual synchronization is supported.

If you want to get the latest information, please synchronize manually.

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