About the event that multiple Salesforce email addresses are displayed

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Q. When I check the SaaS assigned to me from the account screen, multiple accounts with the same email address are displayed. Why?

A. Salesforce ID uses your username as a unique key .

Reference: "User name is already registered" error when creating a user name (Salesforce Help)

Therefore, it is possible to set multiple e-mail addresses for the same user name.

On the other hand, the account screen of the Admina by Money Forward displays the email address instead of the user name.

Therefore, as shown in the image below, multiple members (3 people) with different user names and the same email address are displayed.

If you want to check which user name is associated with the email address,

By opening the target account from the service screen of the Admina by Money Forward, it is possible to display it including the user name.

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