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How to use Cost Management (β)

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Analyze the cost situation (Insight)

Analyze cost insights. This page explains "Insight". It is possible to visualize and analyze the usage status of SaaS so far. Graph display of SaaS spending. The cumulative spending amount of SaaS is…

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Check the payment status of SaaS

Translation Disclaimer: The documents herein have been machine translated for your convenience by translation software. While reasonable efforts are made to provide accurate translations, portions ma…

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Cost Management with CSV Data

Cost Management with CSV Data. SaaS cost management (insights and expenses) can be performed by importing customized CSV data output from accounting and expense systems. How to import CSV. 1. click o…

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How to setup Chrome Extension

How to set up Chrome Extension

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Manage SaaS invoices and receipts

O verview. Payment invoices and receipts related to SaaS can now be stored and referenced in the IT management cloud. This eliminates the need to search for SaaS payment information, reducing the bur…

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