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Analyze the cost situation (Insight)

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Analyze cost insights

This page explains "Insight".

It is possible to visualize and analyze the usage status of SaaS so far.

Graph display of SaaS spending

The cumulative spending amount of SaaS is displayed as a bar graph. The display period is one year.

Unused IDs and licenses

The IDs and licenses that may lead to cost reduction by deleting are displayed.

  • Termination: The number of retirement accounts. (Matches the number of service alerts.)
  • Non-operation: Shows the number of accounts that have not logged in for 45 days or more.

(Chrome extension distribution is required to get all non-working IDs)

View payment information for each service

The payment status for each SaaS is displayed in a graph. It is also possible to display by SaaS unit or category unit.

Service usage map
  • Vertical axis: SaaS payment amount (annual amount).
  • Horizontal axis: The number of SaaS usage IDs.
  • Circle size: The larger the circle, the greater the room for cost reduction in SaaS.

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